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The Chautauqua County Water Network (Water Net) is a project that monitors amounts of water within Chautauqua County.

Hamlet well is thought to have flowed continuously, except for a brief period in 1999, since it was driven ca. 1930 The network consists of flow or level measurements and detectors for rain, snow, streams, lakes, reservoirs, wells and springs. To collect information we rely both on sites that we established and Internet links to other agency sites. The most frequently updated sites can be found under "Water Net Wells" on the menu bar to the left. The entire database and site will be updated anuually or more frequently and a complete list of all sites can be found in The Chautauqua County Water Network Annual Report: 2009 Water Year.

Water Net is primarily supported by the:

We gratefully acknowledge cooperation from Village and City water operators across the county. Additional cooperation is received from the New York-Pennsylvania Grape Research Lab in Fredonia (the lab recently moved to Portland, NY, but the data for this website are all collected at the original location in Fredonia). Cooperation is also received from the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Fish Hatchery at Prendergast Creek, the NY State Department of Transportation in Mayville, the Chautauqua County Soil and Water Conservation District in Jamestown, and the County Department of Public Facilities in Ellery. The Northeast Regional Climate Data Center is an important source of historic atmospheric data.

This website contains data and graphs for 5 of the locations in the county where we collect data, and links to several other agency websites. The locations were chosen to represent the overall water resource condition of the county. The information is especially useful for monitoring drinking water supplies.

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