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We provide the characteristics for each well and graph its level or flow rate. Well levels are measured with a portable electronic detector to the nearest 0.01 feet. These instruments have a probe connected to the end of a tape measure. Note that the values given are depths below the ground surface, not height of the water level. The flow of the artesian well is measured with a bucket and a stopwatch, typically eight or ten times, and averaged.

The SUNY Fredonia well represents conditions in the clayey silty soils of the Lake Erie Plain. The Clymer area well is located in a gravelly valley bottom of the Plateau. The lowest and highest points on the graphs of these wells represent the deepest and shallowest levels, respectively.

The Panama well is in a Plateau hillside setting, in clayey rocky soil, and hand dug; the page of websites provides a link to its record back to 1949. Considering both the past and present data for this well, the deepest water level occurred in 1949 at 9.41 feet below land surface and the shallowest water level occurred in 2004 at 0.04 feet below land surface.

Panama dug well Panama dug well (interior)

Panama hand-dug well; left photo shows green steel protective cover over the well and the right photo is looking through the door, down the rock lined well

The Hamlet area well is located at the side of a wide valley in the Plateau. It is thought to have flowed continuously since it was driven in 1930, except for a brief period in 1999. The lowest and highest points on this well's graph represent the opposite of what the other graphs represent. In other words, the lowest point represents the lowest flow whereas the highest point represents the heaviest flow.

Hamlet area well

Hamlet flowing (artesian) well

The Mayville well, like the others, is never pumped. However, unlike the others mentioned above, it was purposely located close to a municipal water supply well to monitor pumping of the aquifer. The lowest and highest points on this well's graph (like most of the others) represent the deepest and shallowest levels, respectively.

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