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The PDC's "Reading about Teaching" book discussions focus on teaching, learning and educational issues. Our selection touch upon a variety of topics, including innovating teaching techniques, learning processes, and changes in higher education. If there is a book you would like to recommend as a future reading, please email

Fall 2014 Book Selections: 

Dr. Roxanne Cullen, co-author of our fall book club selections and professor of English at Ferris State University, will be visiting campus as a guest speaker at Fredonia's fall Professional Development Day, Wednesday, September 17, 2014. We hope that you will be able to attend the day's events and will participate in one of the two book clubs we will be offering that focus on the topic of learner-centered education.   

The Learner-Centered Curriculum: Design and Implementation


by Roxanne Cullen, Michael Harris, and Reinhold R. Hill

Most of the scholarship on learner-centeredness is focused on individual classroom pedagogy, but this book takes learner-centeredness beyond the classroom and asks its readers to consider the broader implications of making their institutions fully learner-centered. Systemic change is needed, and curriculum is at the heart of what higher education does. To truly effect change, the curriculum needs to be examined and aligned with learner-centered practices. In this book the authors offer both design specifications for a learner-centered approach to curriculum as well as practical recommendations for implementation and assessment. The book covers the need for redesigning curriculum, curriculum design in the instructional paradigm, learner-centered design in practice, implementation, program assessment (including a helpful rubric for this), innovating through technology, and learning spaces that support learner-centered curricula. (From Amazon)

This book club is intended for faculty and staff at all stages in their careers who have an interest in exploring learner centered practices and strategies for curricular redesign. All materials will be provided for the participants, including complimentary copies of the book. Facilitated by Dawn Eckenrode, the book club will meet for three sessions to read, discuss, and learn from the techniques presented in the book. The first discussion is scheduled for: Tuesday, October 21, 9:00 – 10:00 am

If you are interested in participating, please click here to register


Leading the Learner-Centered Campus: An Administrator's Framework for Improving Student Learning Outcomes

coverby Michael Harris and Roxanne Cullen

"The Learner-Centered paradigm on campuses has grown into an institution-wide effort led by administrators at all levels, working to make their campuses into learner-centered environments. Stepping into that movement, this book shows campus leaders how to translate theory into practice. Outlining how the roles of academic leaders must change in a learner-centered academic environment, the authors explain the varied processes to be followed as all levels of administration transform practices from an instructional leadership mode to a learner-centered leadership mode. The book is a powerful tool for improving higher education for everyone from presidents to department chairs." (From Amazon)

This book club is intended for chairs, deans, and department heads. All materials will be provided for the participants, including complimentary copies of the book. Facilitated by President Virginia Horvath, this group will meet twice during the fall semester to read, discuss, and learn from the techniques presented in the book. Discussions are scheduled for the following dates: Wednesday, October 15, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, and Wednesday, November 19, 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

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