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Reaching OUT!

SUNY Fredonia's Campus Climate Score. 

starAs a college we score above average as an LGBT-Friendly campus. The 5 star ranking system is based on the overall success of our LGBT practices. Several factors go into getting ranked, to see how Fredonia did in each individual category and to learn more about campus climate click here. 



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“Reaching OUT” (formerly Reaching OUT to SUNY) project is designed to achieve the holistic integration of Lesbian, Gay, Bi‐Sexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) into the academic culture that will result in a fuller integration of LGBTQ issues related to student and faculty recruitment and retention, to curricular modifications, and to the overall campus climate for LGBTQ individuals.

“Reaching OUT” was initiated because increasing the visibility of diverse populations and recognizing the challenges faced by minority students, faculty, and staff are important endeavors for all higher education institutions. Although diversity should be broadly defined, many believe that the unique needs of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff and administration are often misunderstood or ignored. Currently, the project includes the following initiatives: (1) analysis and dissemination of the campus climate survey results.  The campus climate survey was administered during the 2010-2011 academic year to assess LGBTQ needs and concerns. (2) develop and offer two educational webinars, to add to the webinar series begun last academic year, (3) compilation and dissemination of resources through webpage design and development, (4) completion of the development of the training manual for the SafeZone committee, so that training sessions can be held for faculty, staff and students, and (5) undertaking the registration process with the Campus Pride Index.

Creating and sharing a model that provides holistic integration of LGBTQ issues in the academic culture of SUNY Fredonia and beyond...


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