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New York Times in Education Program


Lunch with The New York Times  -   Accessing The New York Times


 Lunch with The New York Times: 

The Professional Development Center, in collaboration with Reed Library, is pleased to announce the kickoff to the 2015-2016 "Lunch with The New York Times." This monthly current events discussion, facilitated by faculty experts from across campus, promises to provide engaging and thought-provoking conversations on an eclectic range of topics covered in The New York Times.

Lunch is provided, and all The State University of New York at Fredonia students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend. Brief articles will be provided to participants the week prior to the discussion. Reserve your seat today! 

Get free online access to The New York Times by visiting Register using your email address.   

October Lunch Topic: History of Freedonia Marxonia 
Facilitated by Cindy Yochym, Reed Library
October 2, 2015, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

The Marx Brothers are renowned vaudeville, Broadway, and movie performers who starred in the anarchic comedy film, Duck Soup (1933), set in the fictional country of Freedonia. How did Fredonia students transform a piece of movie history into a fun campus tradition known as Freedonia Marxonia? Join our conversation with Douglas Canham, 1987 Fredonia alumnus and founder of Freedonia Marxonia, in discussing the creation of this longstanding campus and community event.

Learn more about the Marx Brothers via The New York Times! Visit and register using your email address. Claim your pass to access the New York Times archive, available full text online with our campus subscription!  (To view articles from 1923 to 1980, you will need to register through Fredonia's academic account.  If you need help, please see Cindy Yochym in Reed Library.)


November Lunch with The New York Times:  U.S. and Brazil: Agreeing and Disagreeing in World Affairs

Facilitated by Dr. Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs
Friday, November 13, 2015

Our discussion will focus on Brazil as an emerging economy and regional power and its relations with the U.S.

Dr. Vassoler-Froelich's research areas include urbanization & environmental sustainability in Latin America, urban governance in Brazil, and inter-American relations. She has conducted extensive field research in Brazil and Mexico, presenting the results at national and international conferences. Her publications include: Urban Brazil: Visions, Afflictions and Governance Lessons (Cambria Press 2008),and co-edited The Geography, Politics and Architecture of Cities (Edwin Mellen Press 2012). 


February Discussion Topic: Isis and Jihadist Movements

Facilitated by Dr. Jacky Swansinger, History
Friday, February 12, 2016

Dr. Swansinger holds a PhD from Rutgers University. Her research focuses on international relations and the formation of foreign policy in the modern period. She is currently working on a project that examines the influence of Stephen Girard on the creation of economic instruments and institutions during the Revolutionary and early national period


Interested in facilitating a Lunch with The New York Times, or proposing a future topic? Please email:



 Fredonia students currently have access to The New York Times, both digitally and in print, including the full digital archive. 


For Students: Accessing The New York Times

Online Access:
Students can visit and register using their email address. (In addition to full access to the current edition, the academic pass allows for access to 100 archived articles, per user, per month)

The following short video will show you how to access The New York Times online: 


Get a Print Copy:
Print copies of newspaper are currently being delivered to the following campus locations: Thompson Hall (at the FREDExpress Cafe), Fenton Hall (main entrance lobby), McEwen Hall (near the FSA McEwen Cafe), and the Williams Center (outside Tim Hortons). 

On Facebook:
Students can "Like" The New York Times in Leadership and/or The New York Times in the First Year to have Times articles delivered daily to their newsfeed, as well as live webcasts with New York Times journalists.

For Faculty: Using The New York Times in Your Classes

If you plan to incorporate The New York Times into your courses, please send a copy of your syllabus showing The New York Times as required reading, along with your contact information, to As part of your participation, you will receive a complimentary print or digital subscription for the duration of your course! (Note: if you are requiring students to read online, you will receive a complimentary digital subscription. If you are requiring students to read The Times in print, your complimentary print subscription can be a Monday -- Friday subscription to the paper, and includes free digital access.) 

Should you be interested in incorporating content from The New York Times in the First Year program and/or The New York Times in Leadership Project, please also note this in your syllabus and access will be arranged for the duration of the term.

Visit to find ways to integrate The Times into your course, an extensive library of instructional strategies from faculty already using The Times, and other resources.

About The New York Times Readership Program: 

"The Times engages students every day by letting them make connections between what they study in their coursework and the events, issues and trends playing out across the pages of The Times. Educators across the country use The times as the highest-quality source of news and analysis. With its variety of style and content, The Times can enhance a host of disciplines."

Special thanks to Academic Affairs and the Office of the Provost for its support in sponsoring this program.

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