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Ray Belliotti

Dr. Raymond Angelo Belliotti
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy
SUNY Fredonia.
Ph.D. University of Miami
J.D. Harvard Law School.

Office: Fenton 289 (Office Hours)
Office Phone: 3837
E-Mail: Use this formula -

Dr. Belliotti's CV


Research Interests
Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy

Roman Philosophy and the Good Life
Justifying Law
Good Sex
Seeking Identity
Stalking Nietzsche
What is the Meaning of Human Life?
Happiness is Overrated
The Philosophy of Baseball: How to Play the Game of Life
Watching Baseball, See Philosophy
Niccolo Machiavelli: The Laughing Lion and the Strutting Fox
Dante's Deadly Sins: Moral Philosophy in Hell 
Posthumous Harm:  Why the Dead are still Vulnerable 
Shakespeare and Philosophy:  Lust, Love and Life 
Jesus and Nietzsche:  How Should We Live our Lives? 
Jesus the Radical:  The Parables and Modern Morality


Current Work
human happiness, meaning of life, Nietzsche

Recent Courses
Existentialism, Human Happiness, Meaning of Life, Philosophy of Sex & Love, Nietzsche Seminar, Philosophy of Law, Greek Thought, Socrates Seminar, Philosophy of War

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