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(non-OmniUpdate sites only)
Publish web site remotely with SFTP

Here are the step to connect to the web server to make changes for sites that are not maintained with OmniUpdate:

  1. Download FileZilla for your Windows XP/Vista PC or Mac OS X (for 10.5 Leopard, or 10.6 Snow Leopard):
  2. Install and open FileZilla.
  3. Choose File > Site Manager.
  4. In General tab, change settings to match image below, using your Fredonia e-Services user name and password.
    FileZilla General Settings tab
  5. In the Advanced tab, change Default remote directory settings to /HOME/wwwroot. If you know the path to your site folder, you can add that to the the remote directory to make it easier to find your web files. Example: /HOME/wwwroot/department/biology is the remote directory if your site URL is
    FileZilla Advanced Settings tab
  6. Click Connect. If you see a dialog box called "Unknown host key", check the box for "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache" and click OK.
    Filezilla Host Key

  7. Under the Remote site (right side of main window), you should see the file system on the web server as shown circled in red, below.
    FileZilla main window
  8. Navigate to your web folder and make changes by right-clicking on a file or folder and choosing to edit, upload or download the item.
  9. CAUTION: If your Fredonia site is maintained using OmniUpdate, this SFTP method of updating web pages should not be used. If you see a file named _breadcrumb_inc.asp inside of your web site directory then your site is very likely to be maintained with OmniUpdate. If so, please contact the University Web Content Manager at

Page modified 12/7/15