Emerging Themes

Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals
Jeanette McVicker, Chair
241 Fenton Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3861

Task Force Update 11/28/11: Important themes are emerging in our research and feedback/data:

  • Changes in secondary education that will impact our incoming student population as well as our teacher education programs (support alignment with innovative initiatives -- e.g., "Partnership for 21st Century Skills" while expressing reservations with those that invite creeping privatization and standardization)
  • SUNY Fredonia distinctiveness (build on strengths; expand "regional" focus)
  • Integration of "active involvement with diverse communities, real-world problems, and social responsibility" (Liberal Education and America’s Promise language that expresses much research and feedback re: linking diversity, community and global citizenship)
  • Sustainability broadly understood (an expansive vision of what sustainability means from the local to the planetary level and ways to imagine "sustainable futures" beyond the environmental use of the term -- for example, Cloud Institute's Education for Sustainability initiatives)
  • Good campus models that align mission/vision with learning outcomes
  • Good campus models that integrate innovative general education with learning outcomes
  • Readiness to compete in the marketplace/21st century skills (many initiatives here, private and non-profit to contemplate)
  • Alignment with specific elements of Strategic Plan 2011 draft -- how can baccalaureate goals contribute concretely to the ways we define and successfully measure "innovative teaching and learning" and "educational value"?

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