The Inauguration of Virginia Schaefer Horvath
Information for Alumni

University Seal with Wreath

All SUNY Fredonia alumni are cordially invited to President Horvath's investiture ceremony on September 21 as well as all other inaugural week events. Please use the R.S.V.P. page and click on "All Other Guests" to get started.

If you work for or hold an advanced degree from a college or university other than Fredonia, please consider attending as an official delegate of that college or university.  Proper protocol is to contact the president's office or the alumni office at your school for their approval. Please note you will need to provide your own academic regalia. (Sometimes the graduate school from which you hold your degree will have regalia they can lend you.)  Please go to the R.S.V.P. page and register online using the "official delegate" category. Please look up the year of your institution's founding as you will need this information when registering. Delegates from other institutions will process in the the order of the founding date of each school.

For those unable to attend in person, videos of the ceremony and other events will be posted online afterwards.

Page modified 11/26/14