The Inauguration of Virginia Schaefer Horvath
Faculty and Staff Information


Will classes be cancelled?

Factulty in Regalia

If you are marching, you don't need a ticket, but you do need to REGISTER and you need your own REGALIA.

If attending but NOT marching in the procession, you DO need a ticket.


No. Since teaching and learning are central to our mission, there will be no campus-wide cancellation of classes. Individual instructors may make adjustments to their respective syllabi and class schedule as warranted. Student musicians and other students participating in the ceremony should be excused from class and allowed to make up any missed work.

Q Will offices be closed?
A There will be no campus-wide closing of offices. However, ALL employees are invited to attend and may do so without charges to leave accruals and with supervisor's permission. Offices in which all employees wish to attend may post notices on their doors utilize voice mail to record incoming calls. 

Q I have already made my reservation through the ticket office. When and where should I show up?
A Please come to the Bartlett Theatre at 1:15 p.m. and check in at the ticket counter.  Enrobing will take place in the theater and adjacent dressing rooms.

Q May I participate in the academic procession?  
A Absolutely! We ask you to come to the Bartlett Theatre entrance of Rockefeller Arts Center at 1:15 p.m. to enrobe and receive instructions. Please note: You will need to provide your own academic regalia. Don't forget to register in advance to let us know you are coming. To register, you may either a) go to the Ticket Office in the Williams Center and tell them you need to register as a Faculty/Staff member who is processing or b) visit the R.S.V.P. page on this web site and use the "other guest" link.
Q Do I need to provide my regalia?  

(Yes, see above.) If you do not own your own cap and gown, you may still be able to rent regalia through the bookstore. Orders placed after August 6 will incur shipping fees.

  Master Cap and Gown  $26.00
  Master Hood $26.00
  Doctor Cap and Gown $26.59
      Doctor Hood  $26.59

To place an order, contact Kimberly Fancher at extension 6254 or stop by in person at the bookstore.


Q May I process as a representative of my graduate school instead of as a member of the SUNY Fredonia Faculty/Staff? 
A Due to printing deadlines, this type of registration is now closed. We encourage you to attend as a member of the SUNY Fredonia Faculty/Staff which you can do through September 19, as long as space is available.
Q How do I R.S.V.P. that I plan to enrobe and process?  
A If processing as a member of the SUNY Fredonia faculty/staff, please go to the R.S.V.P. page and use the "other guest" link or visit the Ticket Office in the Williams Center . We need you to reserve ahead of time so we can set aside the right number of seats at the front of the hall.

Q May I march in the procession without wearing regalia?  
A No. In keeping with tradition and to make the investiture ceremony as festive and special as possible, only those in academic attire may process. However, we still hope you will attend the ceremony. You will need a ticket, available through the SUNY Fredonia Ticket Office in the Williams Center.

Q May my spouse or partner sit with me during the ceremony?  
A If you both work for SUNY Fredonia, have degrees and your own regalia, then by all means process and sit together in the reserved area for processing faculty and staff! If you are not in the processional, you may bring as many family members as you wish. Each person will need a ticket. Seating will be in the general admission section.

Q Will the ceremony be videotaped or televised?  
A Yes to both! The ceremony will be televised on the campus closed circuit television system and on local cable channels (Channel 17 in Fredonia and Channel 19 in Dunkirk). President Horvath's inaugural address and other sections of the investiture ceremony will be posted to website after the event. 
Q What is the attire for those not processing?   
A Business casual.  
Q How long will the ceremony last?  
A Approximately 75 to 90 minutes.  
Q Will special parking be available?  
A Special parking will be available for official delegates, dignitaries and members of the platform party only. The campus park and ride shuttle will also be operating. 

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