The Inauguration of Virginia Schaefer Horvathas the 13th President of SUNY Fredonia
Information for Students

Q Can students attend the investiture ceremony on Friday, September 21?  
A Yes, but seating is limited and tickets are required.  A limited number of tudent tickets are now available at the Ticket Office in the Williams Center, one ticket per student with student ID.

Q Will classes be cancelled? 

No. However, the ceremony will be videotaped and posted to the web afterwards. And, if you are participating in the investiture ceremony in a formal way, such as a musician or speaker, you will be excused from classes during the time of the ceremony.

Q May I attend other inaugural week events? 

Yes, all events listed on this web site are open to students, and most are free. We especially invite you to the lectures by world-famous artist Christo (famous for draping large buildings in huge pieces of fabric) on Tuesday, September 18, and the Maytum Convocation Lecture by Dr. Jean Kilbourne (named by the New York Times Magazine as one of the three most popular speakers on college campuses) on Wednesday, September 19.

And be sure to check out the plans for the International Inaugural Dinner on Thursday, September 20.  It's a great to have a really good meal and celebrate Fredonia's commitment to international exchange --  and your can use your meal plan to pay the special student rate!

Q How can I attend the backyard barbeque and cookout at the President’s House on Saturday, September 22?
A In order to be invited to this event, you need to sign up for one of the community service projects that will be happening that day.

Q How can I sign up for the Community Day of Service?
A Please email either of the co-chairs: or Please put “Community Day of Service” in the subject line.

Q How else can I celebrate the start of President Horvath’s presidency at SUNY Fredonia?
A Be creative! Get together with your friends and do something impromptu!

If you have additional questions, please send them to

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