Inauguration Committees

Inauguration Committee

Meagan Allers,
     Student Representative
Michael Barone,
     Director of Public Relations
Kevin Cloos,
     Director of Facilities Services
Patricia Feraldi,
     Director of Alumni Affairs
Nicholas Gunner,
     Assistant Web Master
Christina Jarvis,
     Associate Professor of English
Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Assistant Dean,
     College of Arts and Sciences

Dean Messina,
     Assistant Director of Dining Services,

Erin Mroczka,
     Assistant Director of Campus Life
Jordan Nicholson,
     Student Association President
JoAnn Niebel,
     College Council Member
Mary Sasso,
     Director of International Education
Joyce Smith,
     Volunteer Services Coordinator
Denise Szalkowski,
     Assistant to the President
Katie Thies,
     Special Programs Manager, FSA
Jefferson Westwood,
     Director of Rockefeller Arts Center, Chair

Subcommittee Members*

Lisa Eikenburg,
     Associate Director of Public Relations
Patricia Herkey,
     Communications Designer
Adrienne McCormick,
     Professor of English
Tracy Marafiote,
     Assistant Professor of Communication   
John McCune,
     Multi-Media Team Leader
Randall Moore,
     University Police Officer
Andrea Wasiura,
     Multi-Media Specialist  
Karen West,
     Senior Director of Development

*These individuals as well each member of the Inauguration Committee are working on one or more of the following subcommittees to plan and execute inaugural activities:

Investiture Ceremony Subcommittee
Symposium Subcommittee
Day of Community Service Subcommittee
Dinner and Receptions Subcommittee
Printing and Publicity Subcommittee
Electronic Media Subcommittee
Logistics Subcommittee


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