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How Do I Participate In Project ELA?

Eligible applicants are those who currently hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, in either Liberal Arts or Education, with or without initial teaching certification.

To Apply
Simply complete the project’s application each year, providing updates and the requested information. Application forms are located on the left navigational menu under "Apply Now". Project participants maintain active, responsible, and systematic involvement in all Project offerings (e.g., workshops, conferences, job fairs, etc). Further, regular involvement with your TESOL advisor not only ensures that your course of study is on track, but that the courses for which you are seeking reimbursement are required. Upon your acceptance as both a TESOL graduate student (through the SUNY Fredonia Graduate Office) and as a Project ELA participant, you will also need to complete the Student Agreement Form. You must submit the Student Agreement prior to our processing of any reimbursement requests. Additionally, the Student Reimbursement Request Form is included on the website for your convenience. Although reimbursements are made according to the guidelines outlined below, you may submit the documentation at any time and the Project staff will hold it until the conditions are met. Reimbursement for partial tuition and required textbook costs will be made contingent on the following:

  • Maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 or above for each semester for which reimbursement is requested.
  • Evidence from your TESOL advisor that the courses for which you are seeking reimbursement are required.
  • Completion of each of the course(s) for which reimbursement is requested, with a final grade of “B” of above. Note that reimbursement will NOT be made for courses receiving an “Incomplete” grade, nor for courses that you have dropped or from which you have withdrawn.
  • Submission of documentation for:
    • required – not recommended - textbooks (i.e., original receipts)
    • tuition costs for advisor-approved, required courses (i.e., SUNY Fredonia tuition bill)
  • Timely and complete submission of reimbursement requests and supporting documentation.
    • ELA’s FAQs sheet contains a schedule of all application and reimbursement deadlines as well as currently available reimbursement rates.
    • LATE submissions for reimbursement may not be honored.

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