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Project ELA

Project ELA
Thompson Hall E235
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716.673.4725

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is Project ELA?
Project ELA - English Language Acquisition Project - is a federal grant, funded under the federal Title III National Professional Development Program, awarded to the SUNY Fredonia School of Education to:

  • Recruit preservice and inservice teachers who are committed to mastering competencies in educating students Grades K-12 for whom English is a second language;
  • Defray a portion of the costs associated with pursuing and completing TESOL certification through the SUNY Fredonia School of Education;
  • In partnership with collaborating school districts, expand coursework options to preservice and inservice educators both within and outside of the immediate SUNY Fredonia geographic area, as well as employing alternative coursework formats;
  • Provide linkages to school districts to (a) track district personnel needs; and (b) assist TESOL graduates in efficient application for open positions, upon their certification; and
  • Stringently evaluate the effects of efforts on meeting local, regional, and statewide personnel needs.

How is Project ELA different from previosuly-funded grants?
Project ELA is a re-funded five-year project under Title III. Project TALENT, a three-year project funded under Title VII, laid the groundwork for Project ELA; it was initiated in 9/99, and ended in 9/02. Project ELA was a new grant, with different commitments, funding patterns, and project management. The five-year funding period began September 2002 through 2007. The new re-funded period for the continuation of the Project ELA grant is July 2, 2007 through July 1, 2012.

How is Project ELA different from TESOL?
Pending continued federal support, the grant will continue through September 2012. Project ELA has a support function to FSU students who are pursuing TESOL certification. To participate, students must FIRST be accepted as a SUNY Fredonia graduate student. As a means of recruiting TESOL graduate students, the project currently offers to eligible applicants:

  • Partial reimbursement of tuition for required and advisor-approved courses leading to TESOL certification, at the rate of 50% of the current in-state credit hour tuition charge for the Fall term. (Note that Spring and Summer terms are anticipated to be reimbursed at the same level, but are not confirmed at this time.)
  • Reimbursement for costs of textbooks required in advisor-approved TESOL courses up to $200 per semester.
  • Reimbursement for periodic, specific, additional expenses associated with professional development and special project activities that are pre-approved by the Project ELA Director.

Project ELA does NOT:

  • Accept/reject students into the School of Education, any major, or TESOL coursework.
  • Conduct academic advisement, or assign academic advisors.
  • Approve courses leading to certification.
  • Schedule courses, or arrange for student registration in coursework.

How do you apply for participation in Project ELA?
To apply, just complete the project’s application each year, providing the requested documentation. You may secure the Application from the project office (note contact points listed above), or you may access it electronically via ANGEL. Submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Semester: 2nd week in September (all applicants must resubmit each fall)
  • New application accepted at the beginning of each semester (including J-term, May term, and Summer Sessions I and II

IMPORTANT: Application to Project ELA is NOT an application to the SUNY Fredonia Graduate School, nor to the TESOL graduate program. Your application to Project ELA will NOT be processed until you are fully accepted as a SUNY Fredonia graduate student and into TESOL.

What are the funding guidelines under Project ELA?
Upon your acceptance as both a TESOL graduate student (through the SUNY Fredonia Graduate Office) and as a Project ELA participant, you will be provided with a Project ELA (a) Student Agreement; (b) Reimbursement Format; and (c) Reimbursement Schedule. You must submit the ELA Student Agreement prior to our processing any reimbursement requests that you may submit. Reimbursement for partial tuition costs and for the costs of required textbooks will be made contingent on the following:

  • Maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 for each semester for which reimbursement is requested.
  • Completion of the course(s) for which reimbursement is (are) requested; note that reimbursement will NOT be made for courses receiving an “Incomplete” grade, nor for courses that you dropped or from which you have withdrawn.
  • Evidence from your TESOL advisor that the courses for which you are seeking reimbursement are required.
  • For required – not recommended – textbooks, original proof of purchase from the SUNY Fredonia bookstore, for advisor-approved, required courses.
  • Timely and complete submission of reimbursement requests, per the formats that you will receive when you are notified of your Project ELA acceptance. (Note that LATE submission of requests may not be honored.)
  • Systematic adherence to project submission deadlines.
  • Regular participation in project-sponsored professional development activities.

The following table provides a summary of application deadlines, as well as the reimbursement framework for routine Fall, Spring, and Summer expenses at the present time. Note that separate guidelines are issued for reimbursement of periodic, specific, additional expenses associated with special pre-approved project activities.






Application Deadlines

All Participants:

2nd week in September

All Participants:

2nd week in December

New Participants:

2nd week in January

All Participants:

2nd week in May

All Participants:

2nd week in June

Credit hour Reimbursement

$164.00 (50% of $328.00 per credit hour for in-state tuition)

Reimbursement rate is to be announced.

Reimbursement rate is to be announced.

Reimbursement rate is to be announced.

Textbook fee Reimbursement

Actual cost of required textbooks, with original receipts, up to $200.

Actual cost of required textbooks, with original receipts, up to $200.

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Reimbursement Documentation Deadlines

2nd week in December

1st week in May

Last week in June

Last week in July

What are the expectations of you under Project ELA?
The following basic expectations serve as the basis of the Project ELA Student Agreement:

  • Maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 for each semester for which reimbursement is requested.
  • Active, responsible, and systematic involvement with your TESOL advisor, to ensure that the courses for which you are seeking reimbursement are required.
  • Timely and complete submission of application, reimbursement, and other required reporting paperwork.
  • Participation in professional development and special project offerings (e.g., workshops, job fairs, etc.).
  • In order to receive maximum reimbursement benefits, attendance is mandatory at all required events and offerings.
  • Reporting of your employment and volunteer history with students who are English language learners both (a) during the period that you are funded under the project; and (b) for a minimum of two years following any semester in which you are funded.
  • Commitment to work with English Language Learners for at least 1 year following graduation.
  • Adherence to the standards set by SUNY Fredonia and the College of Education for candidate disposition.

Whom should you contact about what?




Application to SUNY Fredonia Graduate Programs

Graduate Office

Visit 2142 Fenton Hall or call 716.673.3808

TESOL Advisement; Course Enrollment; TESOL Program Information

Dr. John Liontas,

TESOL Coordinator

Visit E278 Thompson Hall or call 716.673.4805

Project ELA application, reimbursement, or special activities (e.g., job fairs, workshops)

Project ELA Staff

Visit the College of Education
Thompson Hall E 235
or call 716.673.4725
or email:

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