ResNet High Speed Ethernet Service

SUNY Fredonia is pleased to offer students, faculty/staff and guests in the residence halls a high speed Ethernet network service that is convenient, secure, and reliable. All students, staff/faculty and guests that reside in the residence halls have a dedicated high speed Ethernet port available to them in their individual rooms. This high speed Ethernet port is recommended for use if you are using applications that utilize large amounts of bandwidth (i.e. streaming video, gaming, video conferencing and large file transactions). Ethernet cables can be purchased at the FSA bookstore and other stores in the area.

What do you need to get connected?                      

  1. Minimum: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Card w/ Ethernet Cable (Category 5e)
  2. Current Operating System Critical Updates (i.e. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux etc.)
  3. Anti-Virus Software w/ Updated Definitions. The campus provides Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus software for students and staff to utilize. You can download a free copy of the anti-virus software here: (Note: Before installing a new anti-virus program, you must first uninstall any previous version.)
  4. Your SUNY Fredonia eServices I.D. & Password (To find, go to: “Your Connection” @

Note: The SUNY Fredonia Networks (wired/wireless) are primarily for academic use.

Page modified 8/26/13