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Program of the Month

Program of the Month

At present, Program of the Month nominations can be submitted in three distinct categories:  hall program, house program, and sustainability program based around the Resident Assistant Programming Model.  Programs will be evaluated by the committee and winners will be chosen every month.  

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Amara May & Shayla Lipscomb, Alumni Hall
Pay it Forward

This program connected to all the baccalaureate goals.  They asked all residents to donate clothing and participants of the program put together care kits.  These kits consisted of different toiletry items that were donated to a Homeless Shelter for Women.


November 2015 Community Engagement:  Campus Wide

Emily Donals, University Commons
Peace for Paris

During the week of November 9th, there were a number of attacks on many places throughout the world; the most notable taking place in Paris, France.  Many people on campus were looking for some solace, a place to share in their fear or grief or a way to show their support to the victims.  Through her program, Emily was able to provide a space for that with her candlelight vigil.  The vigil was open to all students/faculty/staff as well as residents in the town of Fredonia.  She did a wonderful job coordinating speaker and performances that allowed all who attended show that Fredonia stood with the rest of the world in showing support.


November 2015 Hall Program Winner

Chabely Rodriguez, Nixon Hall
Fiesta de Baile

For this program, Chabely was able to share a bit about her culture with the 48 residents/guests that attended.  She cooked paselitos/empanandas, provided the popular drink, Malta, to wash them down with and then helped teach some Spanish dancing.  She hoped to spread some awareness for Hispanic culture and provide a little taste of home for those residents that relate to the culture.



November 2015 Hall Program Winner

Amanda Acebedo, Kasling Hall
Dia de los Muertos

Amanda wanted to allow residents to learn about and break misconceptions about the holiday.  Residents were able to decorate sugar skulls while Mexican Mariachi music was playing.  There were also facts about the holiday.  The 31 residents that attended learned how to actually make the sugar skulls and they also learned that there is more to the tradition that Americans know as Halloween than just getting candy and scaring each other.


Kelly and Karissa

November 2015 Community Engagement/Sustainability Program Winners

Kelley Caner, Kasling Hall & Karissa Lubberts, Igoe Hall
Creek Clean-Up

Kelly and Karissa invited residents to walk down to the creek and pick up any garbage that was thrown around the area.  They have about 16 participants helping in the clean-up efforts.  After they were finished at the creek, Kelly and Karissa cooked the volunteers breakfast.  What a great way to have residents bond with one another while giving back to the Fredonia community.

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