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Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Areas

Substance Free (Gregory Hall, 100 House):  This area is the "Substance Free" area. Students who would like to live in the 100 House of Gregory Hall need to fill out a "Wellness Living" contract and write an essay prior to room selection. These contracts are available from the Office of Residence Life and are due back to our office by April 10, 2007. Students who fill out these contracts are not guaranteed a spot in the 100 House, it just means they are eligible to room select in that area. Permission from current RD is required to live in this area.  

Disney & Eisenhower Kitchen Style Suites: There are a total of 12 kitchen suites per hall. All students who want to live in a kitchen suite must follow the detailed application instructions. Six students share a fully equipped kitchen and a living room space. No meal plan is required for students who live in a kitchen suite. All kitchens will be fully remodeled by the Fall 2007. Permission from current RD is required to live in these areas.   

Special Interest Suites/Areas: The Office of Residence Life recognizes that students who share similar interests and are members of a recognized campus organization would like to live with each other in a suite or designated area, and to accommodate this, we offer Special Interest Housing. The group needs to fill out a Special Interest Housing Application, which can be obtained from the Office of Residence Life. Permission from current RD is required to live in a designated area and a signature from a faculty advisor is needed.    Groups who apply for Special Interest Housing must plan a hall-wide program that is approved by the RD. They must maintain good academic standing and get permission from their current RD.

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