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       FREDsecure is the Fredonia Secure Wireless Service which utilizes 802.1X to provision WPA2-Enterprise to a diverse array of network devices campus-wide. The purpose of FREDsecure is to provide a secure wireless service for campus network users which is lightweight, offers widespread platform support and provides a seamless experience for continual secure wireless service use on campus. It is highly recommended that all campus wireless network users utilize the FREDsecure service if you are accessing online financial services (i.e. banking), online shopping and any official campus e-service (Oncourse, FredMail, YourConnection etc.).

Note: Most gaming devices are not compatible with the "FREDsecure" SSID. Please utilize the "FREDmedia" SSID for gaming devices.

Quick Setup

Step 1: Connect to the “FREDsecure" Wireless Network SSID.

Step 2: Type your “E-Services Username” and “Password” and then connect.

Need Assistance? Connecting in Academic buildings please contact the ITS Service Center at 673.3407 For Residential Buildings, please contact the ResNet Office at 673.3668. You can request assistance as well through FredQuest at


Page modified 1/15/16