Spring 2006

General Body Meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 8 pm in s 122.

Executive Board Meetings will be held on Thursdays in the upstairs of the Williams Center on the couches at 6 pm.

All are welcome to attend both.


Schedule of discussions for Spring 2006 meetings.


This semester we will be focusing on a country from each continent.  We will examine different aspects of these countries regarding their policies toward human rights and will focus on a case that Amnesty International is currently working on in each country.  We will also be holding two major events:  another Jamnesty, and "Walk In Her Shoes," a walk to raise money to build a well through the African Well Fund. 



Remaining Events:


March 19th- Potluck Dinner and Sign-Making at Tim's House (79 1/2 Central Ave.)

             Directions to Tim's House will be sent out in an e-mail.

             Time: 6 pm.

March 20th- International Day of Student Resistance

             6 o'clock at the Peace Pole- Open Mic (Bring essays, poetry, etc)

                     After Open-Mic we will proceed to Barker Commons for a candlelight vigil. 

March 20th- Informational Meeting about African Well Fund and "Walk in Her Shoes"

                     Time: 7 pm. 

                     Place: G 144 (Williams Center)

April 5th- Banquet Celebrating Successful stories in Amnesty's History

             Time: 5-7 pm

April 8th- "Walk In Her Shoes" to Benefit The African Well Fund

             Time: 10:30 am in the Williams Center         

             Picnic afterwards.

April 13th- Jamnesty at BJ's at 10pm


April 25th- Buffalo News Kids Day

             Time: 6-9 am.




January 30th- First Meeting- Introductions

February 7th and 14th-  China

February 21st and 28th- Iran

March 7th and 14th- The Americas

March 21st and April 4th- Sudan

April 11th and 18th- Eastern Europe

April 24th- Last Meeting- TBA



Also, we are planning two Tabling days:

February 22nd- Tabling raising awareness for Human Rights issues in Iran

April 4th- Raising awareness for the human rights abuses occurring in Sudan.  Also, promoting the "Walk in Her Shoes" event that is tentatively scheduled for April 8th.