Friday September 22nd, 2006

Hello everyone!  With a new school year comes a newly updated Amnesty: Fredonia Chapter Website.....only, about a month into said school year.  Because, well, actually I don't have a good reason.  I'm just kind of forgetful.  Oh well.  So, yes...AMNESTY!   We have had two meetings so far in this semester.  It's been great to see so many people at both of them!  It's looking as though this semester will really be great for everyone involved!

In our first official meeting we discussed Arms Trafficking.  As mentioned, this is a very large and broad topic.  The reason being is that we want to be able to have meetings that invite the entire group in.  We understand that a lot of people are in the dark as to what is happening inside of different issues-  we are too sometimes!  The key is to get involved and stay informed!  If you want to know more about Arms Trafficking, an incredibly intricate subject, I would suggest the following website:  This is a site affiliated with Amnesty International that is working to control arms trafficking.  It's a very informative place to begin for both novices and experts on the topic. 

Our next topic is going to be Censorship/Banned Books.  We're aware that this week is actually Banned Books Week, but we decided to focus more on Censorship as a whole, so we pushed it back a little.  Everyone feel free to bring in ideas about censorship, and even materials.  More on this will be coming soon. 

Last, I've set up a Message Board attached to this website.  That way we have a place for any and all comments.  I know there's been some tension on the listserv wire lately, but this will hopefully be a place for everyone to share thoughts, opinions, news, and everything else without flooding everyone's inboxes.