Alpha Chapter Sisters 1885

Alpha Chapter Sisters 1885

The Formation of the
Arethusean Society

On October 4, 1870, the first chapter of Arethusa was formed at the Brockport Normal School. The ladies of the Alpha chapter were perhaps influenced by the young men who had organized Gamma Sigma, our brother society, during the previous year. The Arethusian Society, later changed to Arethusa, had begun as a Literary Society.

The Creation of the
Kappa Chapter

The Kappa Chapter was founded by Kristy Lauer Simmons and Mary Cathrine Mcdonald at SUNY Fredonia on November 8, 2000. They created the Kappa chapter in order to create more opportunities and choices for women on campus to be involved in an organization that reflects their values and ideals. Kristy and Mary traveled to New York City and Long Island, New York to visit the AUAA and went through the laureling process in order to become sisters of Arethusa. On December 29th, 2000, Mary Cathrine Mcdonald and Kristy Simmons were inducted into the Arethusa Sorority - Sigma Gamma Phi. They returned to SUNY Fredonia and established the Kappa Colony of the Arethusa Sorority. On April 26, 2002, the Kappa Colony was officially chartered as the Kappa Chapter of the Arethusa Sorority - Sigma Gamma Phi.    -Taken from the AUAA