Environmental Affairs

Environmental Affairs

An Executive Committee of the Student Association



The Environmental Affairs Club was founded in the spring semester of 2005 by Shaylah Reagan and the Student Association. This organization was given special privileges as an "Executive Committee" by the Student Association, to carry out its mission of making SUNY Fredonia a greener place. In general the club is an organization that provides a voice for the environment on campus. We are willing to address any and all environmental issues, especially those that deal with on campus issues. Among our chief concerns includes increasing recycling on campus and creating a "carbon neutral" environment.

Over the past three years the Environmental Club has played a major role in greatly expanding accessibility to recycling on the campus. We now have at least one recycling center in every building on campus, including the dormitories. Another success was a petition calling for a faculty lead "Sustainability Committee" In addition SUNY Fredonia has also signed on to the "Campus Climate Challenge" This means that SUNY Fredonia has made a commitment to becoming Carbon Neutral.

We also have a history of working with the greater community as well. To celebrate the Town of Pomfret's 200th birthday, members of the Environmental Affairs Club (among many other community groups) helped to plant 200 trees around the area. We have also reached out to local farms and environmentally friendly businesses. Lastly, we have also gone into local schools and have helped to educate children about the environment.

The Environmental Affairs Club is one of the most active groups on campus. Darning the 2007/2008 school year, we have conducted over 15 events. Our biggest endeavor was "Earth Week" Earth Week was organized in partnership with a number of other groups on campus. Earth Week consisted of a number of panels, presentations, and documentaries, and was topped off by a speech by environmental and consumer advocate, Ralph Nader.

President Adam Malchoff, e-mail malc0007@fredonia.edu
Vice President Joe McGrath, e-mail mcgr7298@fredonia.edu
Webmaster, Alex Staunch, e-mail Stau9723@fredonia.edu

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