Rules Committee

Student Association
Williams Center
The State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3381

The Rules Committee is a group of 10 members that is chared by the Assistant Speaker of the Association. It meets once a week to discuss legislation and to provite the General Assembly with a recommendation for groups that come up for re-recognition.

Meeting Time: Monday at 7:00pm in G140 William Center

Current Members

Kaylene Dunning (Chair)
Allison Bracikowski
Michael Davidson
Amanda McVay
Nicole Guarino
Katie Boyle

Some questions asked of groups at Rules Committee meetings:

  • Who is the group's advisor?
  • How many events has the group held?
  • What type of events were they?
  • When are the group meetings?
  • How and where do you publicize events?
  • How many members does the group have?

Before appearing before Rules Committee be sure that the groups doctrine is up to date.

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