Ski and Ride Club Packages

SUNY Fredonia Ski and Ride Club
Holiday Valley, Ellicottville
2009-2010 Ski and Ride Packages
    • The Group Program - Sunday
    • Seasons pass for Sunday night. Ski and ride on Sunday night the entire season. Included are eight 50 minute group ski or snowboard lessons and any one day of bonus skiing in March or April.
      Before 11/01/09 $133.00
      After 11/01/09 $143.00
    • Above Sunday night pass including coach transportation starting January 31, 2010 and running 6 consecutive Sundays during the semester. Leaves from William Center at 2:30pm and returns at approximately 10:30pm (movies are shown during the bus ride).
      Before 11/01/09 $252.00
      After 11/01/09 $262.00
    • Program A & B with ski/snowboard rentals:
          Skis - 8x Unlimited Skis Snowboard - 8x Unlimited Snowboard
      Before 11/01/09 $339.00 $359.00 $364.00 $389.00
      After 11/01/09 $349.00 $369.00 $374.00 $399.00
    • Coach transportation only: $119.00
    • Monday Night Season Pass: $115.00*
    • Tuesday Night Season Pass: $115.00*
    • Wednesday Night Season Pass: $120.00*
    • Thursday Night Season Pass: $120.00*
    • Friday Night Season Pass: $172.00*
    • Saturday Night Season Pass: $170.00*
    *After 11/01/08 Add $10.00

    Add the following to any packages A-F above for rentals:
    8 week shaped ski rental: $87.00
    Unlimited shaped ski rental: $107.00
    8 week snowboard rental: $112.00
    Unlimited snowboard rental: $137.00
  • Sunday X-Press Day Pass

    The Sunday X-Press Card includes 8 Sundays of skiing. Each Sunday visit is valid for one 8-hour anytime lift ticket. The pass DOES NOT include ski or snowboard lessons and is not valid until 2:30pm on Dec. 27th, Jan. 17th, and Feb. 14th. A Bonus Day of skiing is available in March or April. An Optional Lesson Plan is available.
    Before 11/01/09 $230.00
    After 11/01/09 $250.00
    Add 8 lessons   $125.00
  • White Card

    Ski nine non-holiday weekdays or any night. The White Card can also be used anytime from opening day through December 24th including weekend days. The White Card also includes 8 group lessons plus a bonus day in March or April. Also included is a bonus day of skiing at Bristol Mountain on December 25, 2009 through January 1, 2010. The pass is only valid at night.
  • Before 11/01/09 $200.00
    After 11/01/09 $220.00
  • Flexi-night Card

    Ski 8 nights (Sunday-Thursday, 4:00-10:00pm; Friday-Saturday 4:00-10:30pm). The flexi-night card includes 8 group ski snowboard lessons, plus one bonus day of skiing anytime in March or April.
    Before 11/01/09 $160.00
    After 11/01/09 $170.00
  • Student Season Pass

    To be eligible for student season passes, the student must be a full-time student with a minimum of 12 credit hours. For an application, contact Colin Plaister, advisor, at extension 673-3407 or
  • Night Student Season Pass: $285.00

All packages should be purchased at the Central Ticket Office in the William Center.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted. No checks are accepted. Students can use vending stripe, debit card, and cash.

If packages are purchased after November 1, 2009 the following late charges are added:
$10.00 to each package and $20.00 for the White Card and Sunday X-press packages.


For Further Information Contact:

Colin Plaister
Ski & Ride Club Advisor

Seth Crane
Ski & Ride Club President

Mark Herron
Ski & Ride Club Vice President

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