Fredonia Science Center
221 Science Center
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3285

Dr. Holly Lawson
Project Shepherd

Markus Kessler
Director of Facilities Planning

John Kijinski
Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Betty Gossett
Associate Vice President for University Development

David Tiffany
Vice President for University Advancement & Executive Director of the Fredonia College Foundation

These are photographs of the models of the Science Center Complex created by our architects Mitchell/Giurgola.


Model Soutn Side


This is the campus model looking at the south side of the Science Center. Notice the greenhouse on the right and the Observatory on the roof above.


      Jewett Hall              Reed Library                              Fenton Hall
                                                                                   Houghton Hall
Alumni Hall                Nixon Hall                 Science Center


Courtyard view


This view shows the Science Courtyard and the adjacent Science Quad.  The building on the left is Reed Library and the blue road in the center bottom  is where Science Drive will turn into a pedestrian walkway.







The architects have also created a model of the "pavilion" part of the new center which is shown in the pictures below.

model 3This will be the view of the Science Center from Houghton and the courtyard.  The center glass portion is the Atrium (notice the person on the balcony off the Aerie).  The center white section is the back of the lecture Hall as is the right (dark colored) section which will be covered with copper tiles (take a look at the CEWIT building for an example of the stunning effect of the copper tiles).


pavilion from top

This shows a good view of the pavilion roof where more light will be passed into the Atrium with a glass cover over the Arie balcony and the main entrance.  The fan-like supports will accent the curve of the pavilion.  There will be a green roof above the Auditorium.




 These photographs show detail on the left and right-hand sides of the pavilion.

Pavilion left Pavilion right

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