Project Status and News

Project Status

Groundbreaking! (9/9/11)

We made a few speeches....

Hefner at groundbreaking lawson Dr. Marletta at Groundbreaking

Threw some dirt....                                                                     and had a toast....

Groundbreaking Hefner toast

Excavation almost complete (8/31/11)

Except for some clean up near the earth ramp the excavation is almost complete and the surface is being prepared for the pouring of the mud mat. The benched back walls (for safety) have been covered with plastic to prevent erosion.

 Site August 31 2011

 More Excavation... (August 8, 2011)


Excavation Continues... (August 4, 2011)




Excavation Begins (August 2, 2011)

  first dig       excuvators

Site Preparation


Although the official groundbreaking will not occur until September, initial site work for the new Science Center has started. The Construction fencing is up and the construction trailers will arrive next week. The first steps will involve site preparation such as site erosion controls, the establishment of a temporary staging area and the relocation and/or removal of old utilities. 
(August 1, 2011)



   The Pike Companyhas been chosen as the contractor to build the Science Center. Established in 1873 by John B. Pike, the Pike Company is based in Rochester NY with offices in Albany, Syracuse, New York and Hartford. Pike had been involved in the Nixon Hall renovations The team is lead by Patrick Steele (Project Manager), Peter Baldwin (Project Director), David Seiflein (Project Superintendent) and Diane Steele (LEED AP Project Engineer). The entire project will be managed by Sean Hoban (Project Manager) and Jim Cullen (Project Superintendent) of LeChase Construction Services.  June 2011


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