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  Chris Mirabelli

Christopher K. Mirabelli


Graduation date from Fredonia: 1977
Major(s) while at Fredonia:


Other Education PhD Molecular Pharmacology from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
Present professional positions
Managing Director:

Healthcare Ventures, LLC.  55 Cambridge Parkway, Suite 102, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142-1234

Office Phone/Fax:  617-252-4346/ 617-252-4342

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Past professional positions
Positions (academic)
1993 -1999 Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of LeukoSite, Inc.
1999 - 2006

Dr. Mirabelli presided over the integration of LeukoSite into Millennium as President of Pharmaceutical R&D and a member of the Company’s Board of Directors until mid-2000.

1989 - 1993

Dr. Mirabelli was a founder of Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where he served in a number of senior research and development positions

1981 - 1988 Director of the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, SmithKline and French Laboratories R&D Division
Professional affiliation(s), e.g. Boards, National Committees, etc.

  Board of Directors: 








Board of Advisors:  

Anchor Therapeutics, Inc.,

Anexon,  Inc.,

DecImmune Therapeutics, Inc.,

Galleon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,

Proteostasis Therapeutics,

Synovex Corporation,

Theraclone Corporation and

Trevena, Inc.

Harvard Medical School Accelerator Fund

Brief bio

Chris Mirabelli joined HealthCare Ventures as a Managing Director in 2000. Dr. Mirabelli was chairman of the board and chief executive officer of LeukoSite, Inc. from 1993 through 1999, a company in which HealthCare Ventures was the lead investor. Dr. Mirabelli was a co-founder of Isis Pharmaceuticals and served with SmithKline and French Laboratories R&D Division.

Dr. Mirabelli received his Doctorate degree in molecular pharmacology from Baylor College of Medicine.


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