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Affiliate Governance Committees

University Senate

State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Senate Affiliate Committees

Per the University Senate bylaws, "The core function of affiliate committees is to facilitate shared governance at SUNY Fredonia by working with and advising the President and/or his or her designee(s) and informing the Senate about their activities in a timely manner. At their discretion, they may facilitate consultation between the Faculty and the President at SUNY Fredonia and/or his or her designee(s) by recommending policies or policy changes to the Senate. They also perform such other functions as are specified by these bylaws and/or charged by the President and/or his or her designee(s) (see in Article V: Section 1, Part b; Section 2, Part b)."


Affirmative Action Committee


Campus Safety Committee


Enrollment Management Committee


Information Technology Advisory Board

The ITS Executive Board determines the direction of Information Technology at SUNY Fredonia based on institutional mission and priorities, with advice and recommendations from ITAB and the Associate Provost of Information Technology.

Current Chair: John McCune (673-3407)


Institutional Effectiveness Committee


Student Affairs Committee

The Committee shall act as an advisory committee to the Vice President for Student Affairs upon matters related to Student Affairs, student governance, campus life and student welfare. In many cases, the Committee recommendations can be considered and addressed administratively by the Student Affairs Division. More formal Committee recommendations may be advanced to University Senate or to the President of the University by the Committee Chairperson or the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Current Chair: David Herman (673-3271)


Student Learning Assessment Committee


Sustainability Committee

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