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Bylaws Ratification 2013

University Senate

State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Welcome to the SUNY Fredonia Faculty and University Senate Bylaws revision ratification page, your one-stop shop for information on the revision process, goals, and results. 

As you know, the Policies of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York establish a framework for shared governance and consultation at SUNY Fredonia (and throughout the SUNY system) and our Bylaws function as a kind of constitution and operating system for institutional communication and decision-making that involves the Faculty and its official representatives.

Last week, the Voting Faculty, by an overwhelming majority, ratified the amendments to the Bylaws that University Senate approved, and President Horvath signed off on the ones that affect consultation between her and the Faculty. This past Monday (May 6), Senate approved one final substantive revision to the bylaws, a change to the Planning and Budget Committee that reads as follows:

V.3.e. Planning and Budget


• Replace the current V.3.e.1 with 

1. Membership and Terms. The Executive Committee shall nominate and the University Senate shall approve the membership of the Planning and Budget Committee. The Committee shall have one representative each from the Arts, the Humanities, the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, Education, Business, and the Library. There shall further be one representative of the Professional Staff. Committee members shall serve staggered three-year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms. Members of the Committee shall be appointed in the Spring of the academic year.The Executive Committee shall nominate its slate of members on the basis of their leadership experience and/or expertise in fiscal matters. Members must have continuing or permanent appointment.

• Replace the current V.3.e.3 with

3. Responsibilities. The Committee shall act in an advisory role to the President upon matters relating to University planning and budget. The Committee shall be consulted by the President or his/her designees throughout the entire process of creating the annual University budget. The Committee shall be consulted regarding all significant organizational/reorganizational and resource decisions. The Committee shall initiate and develop goals and long-range plans for the University, as embodied in the University Mission and Vision Statements. These shall be submitted to the University Senate for consideration.  Confidential matters shall be excluded from the minutes of the Committee.

• Change the end of the current V.3.e.4 as follows:

The Committee shall consult on an ad hoc basis with appropriate groups and individuals as needed to prepare for regular meetings of its Long Range Planning Subcommittee.

• Add to the end of V.3.e.6 “Confidential matters shall be excluded from the reports of the Committee.”

For ease of reference, we have created two documents you may choose to consult as you decide whether to ratify this University Senate-approved amendment.

• The document Bylaws May 2013 Revision includes the current bylaws language and the proposed changes in green.

• The document Bylaws May 2013 New will replace the current Bylaws (which you can find on the left sidebar of the main Senate page) once the final stages of the revision, approval, and ratification process have been completed. (Because this last amendment affects consultation, it will require President Horvath's signature to go into effect.)

Some readers may find it easier simply to refer to this page and the current Bylaws; others may prefer to flip back and forth between the current and post-ratification bylaws; still others may prefer to refer only to the black, white, and green document. The Senate Executive Committee hopes there's something for every voter in at least one of documents. If you have any questions, please email Bruce Simon at


Governance Officer Andrew Cullison will be running the Bylaws revision ratification vote electronically.  Look for an email from him soon with information on how to vote.

  • Voting Opens: start of day on Friday, May 10
  • Voting Closes: end of day on Friday, May 17
All full-time and part-time academic and professional staff, along with the President, the Provost and Assistant Provost, the Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, and Directors, are eligible to vote to ratify the University Senate-approved revisions of the SUNY Fredonia Faculty and University Senate Bylaws.
  • For the ratification vote to be official, at least one-quarter of the eligible voters must return electronic ballots.
  • For each voting item to be approved, it must receive affirmative votes from at least two-thirds of the voters who returned ballots.

Thank you for participating in the ratification process!


Page modified 12/7/15