Strategic Plan: "The Power of Fredonia"


In the fall of 2010 a steering committee of 12 Fredonia stakeholders was charged by President Hefner with leading the campus in developing a five-year strategic plan that would provide direction and focus for the university. The 2011-2016 plan, "The Power of Fredonia," builds upon the successful completion of the 2006 "Fredonia Plan" and links the work at Fredonia with the state-wide strategic plan, "The Power of SUNY." Specifically, the committee was dedicated to developing a process that was both inclusive and collaborative. The result is a document that took into consideration the input of hundreds of people and centered its twenty action items around five emergent themes—all with the singular goal of making Fredonia an even better university.



This toolkit is a set of exercises to prompt ideas and discussion about the future of Fredonia in the next five years. Any group associated with the campus--student groups, departments, alumni, staff, divisions, community members--is invited to be part of this process. If you're a leader of a group or want to organize a group for this purpose, you're welcome to choose an exercise and submit your ideas. To review the instructions to the Power of Fredonia Toolkit, click here.

Exercise 1: Challenges in Higher Education

Exercise 1 Response Template

Exercise 2: Distinct Identity

Exercise 2 Response Template

Exercise 3: The Power of SUNY's Six Big Ideas

Exercise 3 Response Template

Exercise 4: SWOT Analysis

Exercise 4 Response Template

Exercise 5: Tradition and Change

Exercise 5 Response Template

Exercise 6: What We See

Exercise 6 Response Template

Exercise 7: Potential and Possibilities

Exercise 7 Response Template

Exercise 8: Match Game on Service and Influence

Exercise 8 Response Template

Exercise 9: Red Balloon Project

Exercise 9 Response Template

Supplement 9A--Mehaffy Essay on Red Balloon Project

Supplement 9B (this document is available on reserve in Reed Library or by request from the Vice President for Academic Affairs)

Let Your Voice Be Heard Competition: Entry Form

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