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Recruitment Program

The CDO Recruitment Program connects job and internship candidates with employers. Employers provide a job or internship description (listed in FREDNetwork) and request application materials from qualified candidates, and the organization will then select those candidates that they wish to interview. These interviews are conducted either at the organization’s office or on campus at the CDO.

It is easy for students and alumni to participate in the CDO Recruitment Program. To participate, candidates must:

  • Meet the requirements for the specific position(s) that interest them. These requirements will be listed in the job description in FREDNetwork.
  • Submit all required materials before the stated deadline for each position. Most often a resume is all that is required, but some employers will ask for items such as a transcript or a completed application form as well.
  • Complete a practice interview with a CDO staff member, visiting employer, or in InterviewStream. These options are explained below.


Before attending your practice interview, you should review our Interviewing Career Guides and watch the Expert Tips videos in InterviewStream. These will help you prepare for your interviews.

1) Schedule A Practice Interview – You can schedule a practice interview with a CDO counselor, which will allow you to practice your responses to typical interview questions. This is a great way to try out your answers in a non-threatening environment. You will receive feedback and some pointers on ways to improve, if necessary. Occasionally an employer will visit the CDO to conduct practice interviews, and scheduling with them will also satisfy this requirement. Schedule your practice interview or call us at (716) 673-3327.

- OR -

2) Record a Practice Interview, using InterviewStream – This program contains valuable resources to assist you with your interviewing development. You can conduct practice interviews and receive feedback from anyone with an e-mail address, including a Career Development counselor.

- Go to InterviewStream (click on the InterviewStream logo in the left panel on the CDO website)
- Select "Create Account" using your Fredonia email
- Record a 10-question practice interview and share it with a CDO counselor or trusted professional for feedback

GET STARTED NOW! Schedule an appointment for a practice interview or practice at home with InterviewStream (webcams can be signed out at the CDO if needed).

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  • Visit the employer's website and read any materials provided in advance, and research the organization elsewhere online as well
  • Review your resume, particularly your accomplishments and related experiences
  • Dress in a professional, conservative and neat manner in a well-tailored suit and minimal makeup, jewelry or cologne
  • Bring extra copies of your resume
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview
  • Maintain good eye contact and be aware of your gestures, facial expressions, posture and hand movements
  • Avoid using slang expressions or improper grammar

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The Thank You Letter

Take notes after your interview is finished and use them to remind yourself of what was discussed. Write down everything you feel you handled well and areas for improvement. Note any information that may be helpful to include in your thank you letter.

  • Your thank you letter should be brief (no longer than one page) and include the following:
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time.
  • Briefly express your appreciation for the interview and the opportunity to learn more about the organization.
  • Reaffirm your interest and enthusiasm for the position.
  • Mention something from your interview to remind the interviewer who you are and reiterate any important points which were discussed or that you were not able to express during your interview.
  • Describe in one or two sentences why your skills, experience and background make you the best applicant.

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1) Know yourself – know your resume inside and out and be able to discuss your qualifications, skills and abilities, and your personal goals and values. Anticipate questions that may be asked of you.

TASK: Write down your accomplishments and prepare concrete and specific examples of situations that show how your skills relate to the position you are applying for. (Prepare a minimum of 5 examples)

2) Know the employer – research the position and the organization thoroughly. Learn as much as you can by visiting the organization’s website and access any available literature. Analyze the position description, matching your experiences, interests, and abilities to the position.

TASK: Know the employer’s services, products and mission

3) Know how your skills, interests and career goals relate to the needs of the employer – show that you are a good fit for the position. Your questions may reveal your level of interest in the position, the employer, and your preparedness for the interview. Ask questions that demonstrate a genuine interest in and knowledge of the organization and position.

TASK: Prepare questions beforehand to ask the employer at the end of your interview. These questions will help to convey your interest and enthusiasm. (Review examples - Interview Preparation)

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