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Current Academic Calendar: Fall 2013

First Day of Classes:
August 26 (Mon)

Labor Day:
September 2 (Mon)
No Classes

Fall Break:
October 17-18 (Thu-Fri)
No Classes

Thanksgiving Break:
November 25-29 (Mon-Fri)
No Classes

Final Exams Week:
December 16-20 (Mon-Fri)

SUNY Fredonia Semester Dates and Deadlines

Often, if not always, there is little or no overlap or coordination between high school and college vacations and exam schedules. Students who are on vacation (for example in the spring) from high school while college is in session must plan to attend their college classes and, of course, in December and June, when college classes are not meeting, 3-1-3 students are still attending high school classes. Most high schools allow 3-1-3 students to attend school half a day during such period.

College examinations are not scheduled at the same time as classes being examined. That is, a class which meets at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, might have its final examination on a Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. Therefore, 3-1-3 students must make special arrangements during final exam week with high school faculty. However, final examination schedules are published far in advance of finals week and most schools are well aware of the situation and quite ready to excuse 3-13 students from a high school class to take a college exam. 3-1-3 students taking Regents examinations in the high school in January might also need to make arrangements with college faculty for a missed class. Throughout the 3-1-3 year, attendance at both high school and college classes is a priority.

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