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             Finishing up after 3-1-3

Learning Center
Carnahan-Jackson Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3550

Fredonia General Education (CCC) program
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College Catalog

Course Transfer Equivalencies
Maintained by Office of the Registrar


Fall 2011
Former 3-1-3 students Fall 2011

FAll 2010
Former 3-1-3 students Fall 2010




  • You are already fully enrolled as a Fredonia student; there is no need to reapply. 
  • Be sure to clear any holds on your record or you will not be able to register for classes.  Review "Your Connection" for hold status.
  • Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned an advisor from that department.  The 3-1-3 Director will forward your Fredonia file to that office.  If you are Liberal Arts, the 3-1-3 Director will remain your advisor.  


  • Former 3-1-3 students who still need to have credits transferred to their new school should download the transcript request form Fill it out, sign it and return it to the address at the top of the form. The Registrar office will send an official transcript to your new school.

  • If your new school wants to know the grade for courses earning an ‘S’ on your Fredonia transcript, email or call Liza Smith (716) 673-3550, with your name, date participated, name and address of person or office who should be notified.

  • Current 3-1-3 students who know that they will not continue at Fredonia should fill out the withdrawal/non-returning form. Go to, print out the form, fill it out, sign it and return to the address at the top of the form. This form allows you to tie-up any loose ends with the college.

Other Important Information: 

Credit for high school classes

  • High School Courses: High school courses that earn credit should be on your Fredonia College transcript by August. These courses will have an “S” grade, and they are not used to calculate your overall grade point average.
  • For SUNY Schools: Some of your high school credit may satisfy certain SUNY General Education Requirements. Please see the High School Course Equivalency page on this site. You may also call or email Liza Smith for more information. 

Save syllabi

  • Please remember to save syllabi for all the courses you took at Fredonia until your credits have transferred to your new school.

First year alumni survey 

We will be sending out a survey (your 4th and final portfolio requirement) in early November.  Please take the time to fill it out and send it back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided.  This will be a short questionnaire outlining the your views of how your academic progress was affected by the 3-1-3 experience. 

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