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           3-1-3 Program Record           and Future  

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3-1-3 students compile an impressive list of academic accomplishments every year.

Thirty five percent to 65 percent of them have a 3.25 G.P.A. or higher even though many are enrolled in, for example, 300-level language classes and almost all of them take macro or micro economics. The 3-1-3 students, taken as a major, often have the highest average G.P.A. of freshmen in any major. For the most part, 3-1-3 students continue their success even after their graduation from the program.

Each year, 3-1-3 students are among area valedictorians and salutatorians, are active in high school musicals and plays, win awards as athletes, edit high school newspapers and yearbooks and engage in a wide range of other high school activities. Others choose to become involved in college activities ranging from the casts of plays to the staffs of college student publications.

In 1995 a survey was distributed to former 3-1-3 participants (1975-1994) to gather information on the impact the 3-1-3 program had made on their academic career and on their lives:

  • 93% of the students who responded reported completing a BA/BS degree or higher. 100% of the 1992-94 respondents were enrolled in a degree program.
  • 85% said they were better prepared academically for full-time college, and 63% socially because of their 3-1-3 experience.
  • 85% felt they were personally (in terms of self-confidence) better prepared for college.

While many program students decide to continue their college career at Fredonia, others have transferred to a wide variety of colleges and universities all over the country: Syracuse University, Wake Forest, Kent State, Colgate, University of Buffalo, Duquesne, Delaware, Clarkson, Cornell, Alabama, Montana State, Penn State, RIT, North Carolina, Sarah Lawrence, Purdue, Dartmouth, Northeastern and many others.

313 students
3-1-3 Orientation

Future of 3-1-3

Whether students and their parents choose the 3-1-3 program to save a year of college tuition and room and board, to achieve academic credentials for admission to very competitive scholarships or colleges, or to discover just how well they can do in a college environment, 3-1-3's unique combination of individual attention and program flexibility continues to serve students' purposes.

Saving tuition money through the accumulation of early college credits is even a more vital concern these days than in 1972. However, such a savings can be hollow indeed, viewed in the light of the nationwide attrition rate for full time college freshmen, unless it is coupled with the building of tools for success. We believe, and are firmly committed to the idea that our very special program can offer this area's students both early credit and a better chance at actually earning a college degree.

So, the program continues to be, after more than 30 years, an option and an opportunity for some high school seniors within driving distance of the college to widen their experience while they still have the close support of family and high school.

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