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          3-1-3 Program Overview  

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The 3-1-3 program at The State University of New York at Fredonia is a time-shortened, combined high school and college course of study which can lead to a B. A. or B. S. degree in three years after high school graduation. This is possible because the college gives credit for the successful completion of selected high school courses and the high school allows successfully completed college English and social science courses to count toward the high school diploma. Therefore, the name 3-1-3 means three years of high school, three years of college and one transitional year during which the student is enrolled simultaneously at his/her high school and at the college.

313 students

The original design of the 3-1-3 program has remained essentially unchanged. Most students take an English and a social science class at the college each semester to meet N.Y.S. requirements for graduation. Many students choose a third college class which meets their interests and fits future plans. All students are strongly encouraged, when they select college courses in the spring, to complete a fourth year of math and science in their high school both because it can be counted for college credit when it is a part of the complete 3-1-3 year and because it keeps a wider array of academic options open for them.

In schools which offer Advanced Placement courses, many 3-1-3 students combine on-campus classes with high school A.P. classes for a rigorous and valuable senior year. All 3-1-3 students select a class schedule with close advisement from both 3-1-3 advisers and high school guidance counselors. In fact, after applicants have been admitted, the 3-1-3 advisers and director go to the individual high schools, in May and June, so that the college schedule will be as compatible as possible with both the. high school classes the student wants and with his/her extracurricular activities.

Beginning with a general information meeting about the 3-1-3 program which is held on campus each February, and continuing through the special orientation held for enrolled students each August, parents are also invited to be a part of the decisions being made by their 3-1-3 student.

F10 3-1-3 students

3-1-3 students in queue to have their Fredonia ID photos taken.

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