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          Policies and Procedures          of 3-1-3

313 Program
Learning Center
Carnahan-Jackson Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716)673-3550
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  • 3-1-3 students are selected by The State University of New York at Fredonia admissions staff on the same basis as regularly admitted freshmen. Once selected, 3-1-3 students are full-time Fredonia students and need not reapply upon high school graduation, if they wish to continue at Fredonia.
  • As fully enrolled students, 3-1-3 participants agree to meet the academic and institutional requirements of all such students as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • 3-1-3 students must accept the responsibility for their own transportation to college classes.Fall 13 3-1-3 students
  • Even though the 3-1-3 director at Fredonia provides academic advising, it is the 3-1-3 student's responsibility to be aware of and to fulfill academic requirements both for college courses and for such procedures as, course selection, dropping and adding courses, etc.  3-1-3 students are expected to stay in regular contact with the director throughout the academic year. It is the student's responsibility to seek advice and to be aware of and responsible for following his or her high school's rules regarding the 3-1-3 program (for example, high schools incorporate grades differently for the purpose of determining class standing). 
  • 3-1-3 students are responsible for fulfilling the demands of the high school and college calendar including examination schedules. Any conflicts need to be resolved, before the fact, by the student in consultation with appropriate faculty.
  • Attendance at college classes is the responsibility of the student.
  • Fredonia grants college credit for the fourth consecutive year of Regents-level high school math and science and the high school accepts college English and social science classes in fulfillment of graduation requirements for students into the 3-1-3 program. (Link to Conditions for Credit.)
  • A student accepted into the 3-1-3 program agrees to complete a portfolio of short papers, the purpose of which is to provide an ongoing evaluation of the program. (Link to Portfolio Requirements.)313 students


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