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Do you find yourself any better prepared for full-time college than other students you know because of your 3-1-3 year?

3-1-3 is an excellent program. I would recommend participating to anyone.

It's definitely worth it. I would recommend it because of the college credit and learning what being a college student is really like.

If you have the chance to take 3-1-3, do it. You'll realize that college is so much different in the class room. You'll learn that you need to study and take notes and different ways to do that. You'll also learn that time management is a big issue. So 3-1-3 gives you an insight on what you need to change to do good in college because it is a whole different game.

Do it! It gives you a taste of college without ALL of the concerns of a college freshman. I enjoyed it very much and I would do it again.

Best decision of my senior year.

It's a great opportunity that prepares you for college much better than simply going to high school would. Good transition as well.

It can be tough but I highly recommend it. You are given a great chance to jump start college and if you know you can handle it, it is worth trying.

Don't do it if you already have your doubts about the program. If you have thought it through, and you are certain you want to do the program, great! But if you are unsure if you want to do it, chances are you probably shouldn't. But it was worth the experience, but if I had to choose to do it again or not, then I probably wouldn't. Nothing against the program, just my personal preference.

Get involved as much as possible. Make the most of your classes because your success is up to you.

Participating in 3-1-3 can be a great experience cause you get to see what college is all about and you have an idea of what to expect when you become a full time student.

Don't do it unless you know what you already want to do.

Pick classes you want to take. Put a lot of effort into the classes you are taking. Teachers have office hours, use them!!! Ask questions and get involved in your classes. No procrastination, it will hurt you in the long run.

Take classes you are interested in.

Find out if your school will accept credits from SUNY Fredonia and find out the score you need to transfer AP credits. Chances are it will be easier to get credit for the course if you take it from the college. Keep in mind that the grades you get in 3-1-3 will end up on your transcript at your new school. This can be a good or bad thing, so don't slack off in those college classes.

Do it! This is a wonderful preparation exercise. If you can succeed at 3-1-3, you stand a good chance of succeeding at college.

What advice would you share with high school students thinking about participating in 3-1-3?

The 3-1-3 year gave me time to transition and learn how college classes work.

The courses I took were on the easy side but I realized I need to learn different ways to study and take notes.

Academically: I learned how to take lecture notes and learned how to plan my time for papers, studying and homework.
Socially: I learned how to work with people n my class that I did not know before the class, and I learned how to talk to my professors without being shy and worried.
Personally: College would have been VERY hard for me if I had not done 3-1-3. It would have been mentally catastrophic. There would have been too many things that were new and different, but 3-1-3 prepared me.

I was able to pick my classes with more ease, be able to approach the professors and had more confidence in my work because I knew the expectations.

I think 3-1-3 gave me a small dose of what to expect, especially in college classes so that I was better prepared with a full course load.

It helped me to manage my time better but socially I still commute and that can effect it and personally with confidence I feel overwhelmed now taking more credits.

I was able to start right in with my work load as well as being able to balance a job. I already knew what to expect.

Academically, I know how it works but 3-1-3 screwed me over. Socially nope. Personally at least I know how things work.

3-1-3 greatly exposed me to many elements of college. It was, without a doubt, the best preparation for college. College is a very new and very overwhelming stage of life, so to actually be in college classes and on campus as part of 3-1-3 was the best thing I could have done to prepare.

I feel that this experience helped me a lot to see what college is like and it gave me a lot of confidence. But socially it didn't really help me because I wasn't really involved in the campus community because we were not allowed to stay on campus and I think by staying in the dorms, it would have been a lot easier to meet new people.

3-1-3 has prepared me for what the classes would be like. Also about the teacher you have. You have to go to them if you need help . They will not hound you to get your work done like high school.

I learned to schedule my time and how to work on long-term assignments.

Having experience with college and independence gave me a small head start past my peers.

I already knew what a college class was like and was well prepared for the increased work load.

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