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What advice would you share with high school students thinking about participating in 3-1-3?

Keep up with the reading! When they say it would be a good idea to read a chapter they aren't kidding.

Keep up with your work! It may seem like a paper due at the end of the semester will be easier then, but the truth is you will always have a reason not to start working on something. The end of the semester is usually a very busy time, so take advantage of the time allotted you by your professors!

You may think that college is super scary, but really it's awesome. None of my friends were in my first class at SUNY Fredonia and you have no idea how scared I was to walk into the classroom. I was ready to run out, no joke. It turns out that I met some pretty sweet people in my class and I learned things I didn't expect to. My confidence grew and I realized that everyone around me was in the same situation, they were just taking the next step of their education by sitting in class and hoping to get an A. 313 helps students to overcome the fear of college and being on their own. I am super stoked to go to college next year and meet new people, meet the professors and see what my future holds.

Study more than anything.

Work your hardest, do your readings, and always ask help if you need it.

Don't get too worried about the work load, the work is held to a little higher of a standard but it’s not impossible.

Stay motivated and take advantage of the opportunities given at the college (Fitness Center, FRED Care, etc.). Notice the similarities between classes and find out what works for you to succeed in college. HAVE FUN!

I would advise future students to take full advantage of office hours for professors. If hours are not convenient because of a high school scheduling conflict, ask your professor if there is another time available for extra help. I found my professors were always available for homework assistance.

Expect to feel a lot more welcomed in college and to fit in a lot more. Everyone is so different that nobody judges you there. You may not feel like you belong since you are still in high school but the environment is a lot more friendly. Also I advise to study for your test, you may be able to pass test in high school without it, but you’re going to need the help in college.

Don't just take the first class you are shown by the advisor. You should really look at all the different classes and what one suits you the best but still counts toward your credit you need to pass high school.

It's not as big of a transition as you may think it would be. 3-1-3 makes it especially easy to adapt to being a college student because you are only taking a few classes, not a whole semester's worth of work. The classes challenge you, but you're still with students just like you. The classes aren't as hard and demanding as you might have believed they were going to be and the professors are very helpful and understanding. 3-1-3 really boosts your confidence and it really helped me get prepared and excited for college. I highly recommend the program. It really is a great stepping stone between high school and college.

You cannot slack off as a 3-1-3 student. You are the underdogs of the classes. It is very hard to try and catch up if you do fall behind. Keep up with all your studies and try your hardest!

Take advantage of all the time you have in between high school classes and college classes; it might seem like you have a lot of down time but then all at once you will get swamped with papers and reading assignments and final projects. Mange your time very carefully.

Work hard, study, don't shirk on your work get it done asap. Have fun, make friends, and enjoy the ride.

I would suggest that a future 313 student follow (roughly) the same route as I did, in terms of classes. Also, don't buy books from the campus bookstore. They'll rob you blind.

To always get help on things you don't understand right away, and to always sit in the front row in class, it helps you pay closer attention to the professor and it prevents you from talking or not paying attention like you could in the back of the room.

College is definitely different than high school in the aspect of being on your own and having to seek help from professors if you need it because they aren't going to be there to hold your hand all the way. You need to be responsible for yourself. Also it is a great way to get college experience and get the feel for college before you enter as a full time student. You get to meet new people and learn time management skills and study skills. It is a great program and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get ahead in their educational career.

Always work hard and keep your syllabi; they will have the semester outlined so you can refer to it if you forget when something is due.

Don't be afraid to take a class that might spark your interest, you never know, you could end up loving it!

To have fun with this experience and work hard

College needs to be taken seriously. If you are a senior in high school, you need to realize that college grades are important and it's satisfying to know you're doing well.

This program isn’t just a way to get out of school early or get college credit. Do your work and treat it like you are actually a full time college student, and care. This is a unique program that not many people get to experience, and it only benefits you if you take it seriously and work hard at it.

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