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What advice would you share with high school students thinking about participating in 3-1-3?

Comments and Advice from 2012-13 Class

So far the 3-1-3 program has not helped me. It hasn't shortened my college years. The program is supposed to cut out an entire year, but it doesn't.

For the most part, studying in high school is nowhere near equal to the amount of studying in college. Learning how to study early on will aid students greatly in their future years.

Do It!

Do it! 3-1-3 is one of the best things you can do for yourself to prepare for college. It was my favorite part of senior year and it helps you so much when it comes to your freshman year. First off, you will know what to expect at college, you will be used to the work and going into college with credits helps a lot. You will be able to register earlier and you will be considered almost a sophomore going into your freshman year.

Participating in 3-1-3 is well worth it. It was probably one of the best decisions I've made to get a head start on furthering my education.

Unless you are loading up with AP's in High School, 3-1-3 is the best choice you could make.

It’s a great program and helps get a lot of your CCC's out of the way which makes the first semester easier to deal with.

Work hard in all of the classes you are taking. If you need help, talk to your peers in the class. Not only will it help you in the course, but you may also make some new friends.

Don’t procrastinate it leads to a lot of stress and the work is different and may take longer than high school work did. You will feel much better if you keep yourself caught up and don’t stay up really late for homework.

Choose courses early and it is a great program if the school you are going to will take the credits. Excellent if you attend Fredonia.

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