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Learning Center
Carnahan-Jackson Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3550
Contact Us

Liza Smith

Director, Learning Center;
Director, 3-1-3 Program

Kimberly Mead-Colegrove

Director, Full Opportunity Program;
Coordinator, Language Support Services 

Adam Hino

Coordinator, Disability Support Services for Students
Phone: (716) 673-3270 (V);
(716) 673-4763 (TTY)

Karly Davis

Learning Center Secretary


All Learning Center staff also serve as 3-1-3 advisors.

The Learning Center began in 1979 in the Campus Center (now the Williams Center) to help students with writing. As the years passed, more subjects were added. The Learning Center moved to Gregory Hall in 1981, where it stayed for eleven years before moving to Hendrix Hall in 1993. Seven years later, in the Fall of 2000, the Learning Center moved to its present location, on the Fourth Floor of the Carnahan-Jackson Center for Learning and Scholarship in Reed Library.

Currently, the Learning Center is comprised of 60 tutors from almost every academic discipline at SUNY Fredonia.

tutor training

Awards and Recognitions

In 1991, the Fredonia State College Learning Center was chosen as the best tutoring service of all SUNY schools -- this was the result of a student survey, not abstract administrative statistics. The survey is conducted every three years, and in the 1994, the 1997 and the 2000 survey, the Learning Center still ranked a high second. The tutoring program at Fredonia, including all of the tutor training and requirements has twice been chosen by the New York State College Learning Skills Association as a showcase program for New York State.


On average, the Learning Center sees approximately 1000 different students each year, or about 20% of the student body. While most (61%) of the students who come to the Learning Center come for mathematics and computer science, there are also large number for physics, chemistry, writing/english, and accounting.

 tutor training

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