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           College Tutoring Services

Learning Center
Carnahan-Jackson Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3550
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Free Services for all Fredonia students:

  • Confidential Drop-in Tutoring in most Majors
  • Evening and Sunday hours
  • Computer lab and resources

edp tutor awardandrew award
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 EDP Tutor of the Year Award:  Margaret Fagan, Jordan Reed and Andrew Senseney 
Missing from the picture:  Jordan Reed


Drop-in Tutoring Schedule by discipline: 
Business Admin
Comm. Disorders & Sciences
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Geology, Geosciences
Politics and International Affairs
Sociology/Social Work 
Theatre and Dance 
World Languages and Cultures 


Where success is a tradition.

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Learning Center Tutor?
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The Learning Center is a place where any SUNY Fredonia Student can go to get help from student tutors.

Tutoring is different from teaching in that a tutoring session is based solely on where you are in understanding your course material. Since a tutoring session is based on your questions, you must have at least attempted to complete your assignment. A tutor cannot help you with something you have not tried yourself.

Tutors are not all-knowing oracles who can answer every question. Rather, they are successful students who are willing to share with you the techniques that they have found to work. The goal of tutoring is to help you with your assignment in a way that will help you become more successful in all of your classes.

The Learning Center is not a remedial center, or a place for students who have blown off classes all semester and need to be taught chapters and chapters of material. Although we can help you if you are in a bind, the Learning Center is more for keeping you out of one.

Come to the Learning Center before you become buried in material you do not understand.

Recent surveys show that the center is used by 50 percent of SUNY Fredonia students. And, those students have given Fredonia's tutoring service one of the highest ratings of any in SUNY.

The tutors of the Learning Center do not categorize the people that we help. Each person is an individual and therefore has different needs and abilities, making every tutoring session unique.

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Mission Statement

Students need the opportunity to work with their peers. The Learning Center seeks to provide free, confidential, non biased, collaborative tutoring services as a way of enabling students who choose our help, to succeed in their course work and understand what learning really is.

The Learning Center is not an answer center but exists to provide assistance supplemental to course work, to instill independence in undergraduate students so they have the confidence to work on their own, and to increase the quality of education for both tutors and tutees.

Tutoring at Fredonia's Learning Center is students helping students discover their own answers, not being given answers or taught a subject. Students helping students to become independent learners is the primary purpose of the Learning Center.

Written by Learning Center tutors, Spring 1999

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