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Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education

Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD):  A professional membership organization for individuals involved in the development of policy and in the provision of quality services to meet the needs of persons with disabilities involved in all areas of higher education.


George Washington University HEATH Resource Center:  National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities provides information for students with disabilities on educational disability support services, policies, procedures, adaptations, accessing college and university campuses, career-technical schools and other postsecondary training entities.  They also provide information on financial assistance, scholarships, and materials to help students with disabilities transition to college, university, career-technical schools or other postsecondary programs.


DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology). DO-IT serves to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in challenging academic programs and careers.  It promotes the use of computer and networking technologies to increase independence, productivity, and participation in education and employment. 


So You Want to Go Back to College.  The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) provides information for veterans planning to attend a postsecondary institution, including your rights as a student with a disability, information you may need to provide, what you can expect, and more.


Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.  The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the U.S. Department of Education is providing the information in this pamphlet to explain the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities who are preparing to attend postsecondary schools.  This pamphlet also explains the obligations of a postsecondary school to provide academic adjustments, including auxiliary aids and services, to ensure that the school does not discriminate on the basis of disability.


Western New York Collegiate Consortium and Disability Advocates (CCDA).  CCDA is a group of postsecondary and secondary education professions, and community and government agency representative who are directly involved in working with students with disabilities.  The group originally formed to address the needs of students with disabilities on WNY college campuses, and has expanded its focus to include the preparation of students with disabilities for the transition from high school to college.


  Resources for Faculty and Staff

United Spinal Association:  Disability Etiquette.  United Spinal Association was founded in 1946 by veterans with spinal cord injuries to help enable members, as well as others with disabilities, to lead full and productive lives.  You don't have to feel awkward when dealing with a person who has a disability.  This booklet provides some basic tips for you to follow and if you are ever unsure about what to do or say with a person who has a disability, just ask!


Classroom Accommodation Network (CAN).  The Classroom Accommodation Network's mission is to assist educators with identifying and implementing accommodations in the classroom to assist students with disabilities in gaining access to a quality higher education.  Funded through the U.S. Department of Education, CAN plans to meet their mission through research workshops, mentoring, lectures and technical assistance.


The Ohio State University Partnership Grant:  Fast Facts for Faculty.  These publications are information briefs designed to help college and university instructors improve the climate and quality of education for students with disabilities.


FacultyWare.  Facultyware is a product of the Universal Design for Instruction project at the University of Connecticut and it is designed to provide a broad range of information and tools to enhance the design and delivery of instruction for diverse college students.


LD Online.  LD OnLine.org is the world's leading web site on learning disabilities and ADHD, serving more than 200,000 parents, teachers, and other professionals each month. LD OnLine seeks to help children and adults reach their full potential by providing accurate and up-to-date information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD.


Learning Disabilities Association of America. 

Since 1963, LDA has provided support to people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and other professionals.  At the national, state and local levels, LDA provides cutting edge information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources.  These services make the Learning Disabilities Association of America the leading resource for information on learning disabilities.


Understanding Asperger Syndrome:  A Professor's Guide.  Produced by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) in cooperation with the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Project (GRASP) and Pace University in New York City, this video provides an introduction to life as a college students with Asperger Syndrome.


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