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All documentation of disability sent to the DSS office is confidential. Information about disability is not discussed nor revealed to any SUNY Fredonia faculty or staff without students' written permission.

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At SUNY Fredonia, the office of Disability Support Services for Students determines academic accommodations for the student based on documentation that has established or diagnosed a disability. The coordinator evaluates the documentation and in consultation with the student, determines the accommodations for the courses. For some students, academic accommodations might be obvious, because the disability is obvious. There are students with 'hidden' disabilities who may feel awkward in requesting needed accommodations from faculty because their disability is not visible. The DSS office ensures that students seeking services through this office have provided the necessary documentation to be eligible for academic accommodations.


The DSS office strongly recommends that the following language be included on syllabi in order to ensure that all students are aware of the services available:

Reasonable accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities at SUNY Fredonia. Students who may require instructional and/or examination accommodations should contact the office of Disability Support Services for Students (DSS), located on the 4th Floor of the Reed Library (716-673-3270 or The DSS coordinator will review documentation and determine accommodations on a case-by-case basis. DSS will notify me with an accommodation letter which verifies that you have registered with the DSS office and which describes any accommodations approved for you. After you have met with the DSS coordinator, please contact me so that we can discuss any needed accommodations.

 Who Notifies Faculty/Staff of Needed Accommodations?

The office of Disability Support Services for Students (DSS), Learning Center, Reed Library (4th Floor) will notify faculty of the needed accommodations. This is done by memo when a student self-identifies to the DSS office and requests accommodations. The memo will state that the student has registered with this office and will list the accommodations best suited for the student. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss his or her needs with faculty. If mutually agreed upon accommodations cannot be provided, the Coordinator of Disability Support Services for Students will act as a mediator to the dispute.

Providing Academic Accommodations
For Students Not Referred By DSS

It is in the faculty member's and student's best interest if academic accommodations are arranged through the DSS office. This procedure assures faculty that students requesting accommodations have provided the proper documentation and discussed their needs with the coordinator. If a student, not evaluated by the DSS office, approaches faculty/staff concerning accommodations, it is reasonable to ask the student to make contact with the DSS office prior to granting of accommodations. No faculty member is required to provide accommodations to any student with a disability who has not registered with the DSS office.

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