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Exam Accommodation Procedures

Disability Support Services for Students
Learning Center
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State University of New York at Fredonia
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REVISED August 2006

Students are given time and a half for exams administered during the semester and final exam week. In rare cases, a student with significant documentation may be eligible for double time. Any variance will be noted on the accommodation form.

Due to the increasing number of exams being administered, the DSS office will need to work closely with faculty in getting exams to the Learning Center in a timely manner (at least one business day before scheduled test date).

Instructors are encouraged to use the following e-mail address to send exams as attachments:

Location: As only a limited number of testing rooms are available at the Learning Center, reservation scheduling is crucial.

Faculty Location: Faculty are not obligated to use the testing rooms if they can find appropriate space (no ringing phones or heavy foot traffic). Once again, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss this with the faculty member prior to the exam. Faculty who can arrange to have a student take an exam near his or her space are encouraged to do so.

Receiving and Delivering of exams: The preferred arrangement is for the Learning Center to receive the exam at least one business day before the scheduled test date. Exams can be hand-delivered to the Learning Center, though we strongly encourage faculty to e-mail the exam via Please do not send the exam to an individual Learning Center staff e-mail address.

Due to the increasing number for exam administration, the Learning Center may not have staff available to pick up the exams. If an exam needs to be picked up from instructors or department secretaries, we will most likely have to utilize workstudy students.

Campus mail is not a reliable option unless exams are mailed a week in advance.

There are instructors who have allowed students to bring the exam (sealed envelope) to the Learning Center who then return it (sealed envelope) once completed.

Exams are sealed and returned to the instructor or to the department secretary the same day the exam is taken. If the exam ends after normal business hours, the exam is returned the next business day. A receiving signature is required for our records. Most likely, exams will be delivered by Learning Center work study students.

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