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Academic Support Services

Disability Support Services for Students
Learning Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716)673-3270

The Learning Center

The Learning Center, located in Reed Library (4th Floor), offers tutoring in most academic areas, including: Accounting/Business, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, Writing, Languages and the Social Sciences. The Learning Center is a place where any Fredonia State college student can go to get help from student tutors. Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis. There is no need to sign up. Schedules are posted in the Center indicating the times each subject is offered. Take home schedules are available as of the second or third week of every semester. Students who have identified a disability to the DSS office are eligible for free private tutoring through the Learning Center. Many students who need tutoring in English as a Second Language (ESL) may also be eligible for private tutoring.

Reed Library

The main entrance to the Library is from the McEwen/Library lobby. Both of the entrances to the McEwen/Library lobby from the outside are accessible. No stairs or other barriers, except door handles may be a bit difficult. The Library entrance also has no barriers. The entrance from the rear (via the covered walkway that opens into the parking pit) is NOT accessible directly from the pit. It is, however, accessible directly from a ramp that comes from the north/south sidewalk that extends along the area between the Library and Fenton. This entrance has card readers that can be used with properly processed SUNY Cards to open the doors. To have your SUNY Card processed, contact the Library or the DSS office.

Students doing extensive work in the Library should bring an aide to help with research and writing. The librarians are happy to assist in any way possible but must also serve other students and may not be able to devote as much time to individual students as they might like to.

Small group study rooms are available for use, usually on a first come, first served basis. Students who have special requirements, such as recording or conferring with an aide, should consult a librarian and a room will be reserved when possible.

All areas of Library South are accessible by public elevators. The music/listening services located on the mezzanine are accessible by two staircases and a lift that requires the use of a key. Students with only occasional need to use materials on the mezzanine may ask at the reference desk where a key is available. Students having the need to use the mezzanine frequently may be given a key for personal use. The librarian on duty at the reference desk can assist in obtaining this key.

If problems arise, any member of the Physical Access Committee will be able to give advice or assistance. Ask for a consultation with a Committee member in the Library at the reference desk or see the secretary to the Director.

There is a large (unisex) lavatory on the fourth floor of Library South. There are four accessible lavatories (2 male, 2 female) located in Library North.

Youngerman Center

 The Henry C. Youngerman Center for Communication Disorders is located in Thompson Hall. In conjunction with the Speech Pathology and Audiology curriculum, the Center serves as a training facility for student interns in the Speech Pathology program. The center offers a full range of diagnostic and therapy services to students, faculty and area residents with hearing, speech and language disorders. Students and clients have access to the latest "State of the Art" diagnostic and research equipment. Observation rooms are available to facilitate instruction and supervision. The facility is designed to accommodate physically disabled individuals (including those with wheelchairs).

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