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Services and Documentation

Disability Support Services for Students
Learning Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716)673-3270

Federal laws require that individuals with qualified disabilities admitted to the college receive reasonable accommodations to compensate for their disability. The policy at the State University College at Fredonia is that students with disabilities fulfill the same degree and program requirements as non-disabled students, but that they are given all reasonable assistance in doing so. Such help may include, but is not limited to: scheduled tutoring, special counseling, extended time for examinations, permission to tape lectures, readers or scribes for tests, and other assistance.

It is the responsibility of the student to identify him/herself as having a disability upon entrance to the College, by notifying the Coordinator of Disability Support Services for Students. The student and coordinator will meet and discuss the student's needs, on the basis of the clinical diagnosis that has established the existence of the disability, and will decide on the kinds of assistance most necessary to the student. The coordinator will also be responsible for facilitating tutorial appointments, if necessary, and appointments with the Counseling Center, if necessary. It will be the student's responsibility to see the coordinator on whatever regular basis they may jointly determine.

Students requiring accommodations should contact the Disability Support Services for Students office at the start of each semester. Since student needs might change each semester, the Disability Support Services for Students office must be notified of students' schedules and academic needs.

With the student's written permission, the coordinator will inform the relevant professor(s) of academic assistance/accommodations needed in courses. This is accomplished with a memo that confirms the student is registered with the office of Disability Support Services for Students and has provided the necessary documentation of disability. It is the students responsibility to identify him/herself to the professor and discuss the specific modifications that are requested. If mutually agreeable adjustments cannot be made, the Coordinator of Disability Support Services for Students will act as mediator. It is strongly recommended that students wishing their professors to be informed do so at the beginning of the semester, rather than immediately prior to the dates that exams or other assignments are due.

A delay in discussing needed accommodations with instructors and/or the DSS Coordinator could mean a delay in accommodations provided.

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