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Handbook for Studentswith Disabilities

Disability Support Services for Students
Learning Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
The State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716)673-3270

Student Self-Assessment

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All documentation of disability sent to the DSS office is confidential. Information about disability is not discussed nor revealed to any SUNY Fredonia faculty or staff without students' written permission.

The philosophy of the office of Disability Support Services for Students (DSS) is based on the belief that a person with a disability is a whole person with a particular disability. Society and not individuals create handicaps. Persons who have disabilities can and should make a positive contribution to society. Through college, many individuals with disabilities have been able to make the world better for all people, not just themselves. Because of a disability, a particular person may need some assistance in order to survive and achieve as a college student.

Therefore, the first major goal of Disability Support Services for Students is to coordinate those services that allow the student with a disability to perform to the maximum of his/her ability at the college level, given the equal opportunity to do so. However, the degree to which this is accomplished depends primarily upon the individual student. The challenge for students with disabilities is to understand the available services and to use them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Each student has a substantial investment in this program. For this investment to be productive, the cooperation and effort of the DSS office, staff, and students are required.

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