Guided Study Sessions

Guided Study Sessions previously offered:

ANTH 115

ANTH 300

ARTH 102

BIOL 111

CDS 115

CHEM 115

GEOS 150

PSYC 342


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Comparing GSS and Supplemental Instruction

Recognizing the value of group study and in response to student need, the Learning Center is developing a service for classes where it is evident that several students would benefit from peer tutoring specific to that class. While drop-in tutoring would still be recommended, a Guided Study Session tutor would facilitate 3-5 study sessions in consultation with the class instructor. Most likely these study sessions would be planned around scheduled exams. In essence, these Guided Study Sessions more closely resemble an alternate configuration of drop-in tutoring as opposed to courses sponsoring Supplemental Instruction (SI).

Course Example:

Math 104 Elementary Mathematical Models. Students who have completed Course II only may be apprehensive about math in general, may be concerned about using tools like a math/science calculator or may be anxious about terms like "logistic growth models," "linear regression," and "sequencing." In a Guided Study Session with a tutor, students could practice various study skills within the context of the course, compare note-taking methods and discuss how to best use the text.


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