Tools for Learning: Off-site Web Resources

Learning Style Preference:

"Study without Tears"
help sheets for--

  • Visual Preference
  • Aural Preference
  • Read Preference
  • Kinetic Preference
  • Multimodal Preference

Quick print handouts available on this website.


Online Dictionary:

A quick reference guide.

Other more extensive dictionaries can be accessed by Fredonia students through Reed Library at /


Study Guides and Strategies:

Available in several languages.

Maintained by the University of St. Thomas (UST), St. Paul, Minnesota

Section Titles include:

  • Preparing to Learn
  • Classroom Participation
  • Project Management
  • Preparing for Tests
  • Writing Basics
  • Math and Science
  • Studying
  • Learning with others
  • Taking Tests
  • Reading Skills
  • Web truth


First-Year Students Concerns include:

  • Developing Self Knowledge
  • Study Skills
  • Student Responsibility at College
  • Accommodations-Alternative Ways to Learn
  • College Survival Skills for the Learning Disability Student
  • College Considerations
  • Preparing for the Transition


Writing Handouts:

Maintained by OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Categories include:

  • General Writing Concerns
  • Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling
  • Professional Writing
  • English as a Second Language
  • Research and Documenting Sources
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Practice Exercises

Citation and Documentation

  • Humanities: MLA
  • Social Sciences: APA
  • History: Chicago
  • Sciences: CBE
  • Humanities: MLA
  • Social Sciences: APA
  • History: Chicago
  • Sciences: CBE


Math and Science Formulas

Calculus Practice:

Maintained by Temple University, Philadelphia, PA and partially supported by the National Science Foundation

Collection of INTERACTIVE modules covering algebra, graphics and numerical calculation. Several chapters are included in each of these "books":

  • Pre calculus
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Abstract Algebra

Additional Resource Sites: Elementary through College

Resource page maintained by Mindflash Technologies, Palo Alto, CA
and recommended by the students of Susan Bowen's class, Mason Learning Center.

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Download Sites


Free download drawing package allows user to draw chemical structures Free download drawing package allows user to draw chemical structures

Google Sketchup

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