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CTS tutors also offer beginning and novice computer users assistance in basic PC skills and in the most common programs used by students.

computer skills

Drop-in Tutoring Hours. 

Sundays 6 to 9 pm
Mondays 1 to 9 pm
Tuesdays 1 to 10 pm
Wednesdays 1 to 9 pm
Thursdays 1 to 9 pm

No drop-in tutoring available Fridays or Saturdays.

Tutoring Confidentiality

In order to maintain the voluntary nature of the Learning Center and peer tutoring, CTS tutors are not allowed to share whether or not a student has received tutoring through the Learning Center. Students may choose to share their tutoring experiences with others, but tutors cannot be given permission by a student to confirm that information or to sign anything as proof of receiving tutoring from the Learning Center. No one, including faculty, staff and family, may require a CTS tutor to sign anything as proof that a student has received tutoring. Feel free to contact the Learning Center Director with any questions about this or other Learning Center policies. The full mission statement is available on the CTS main page.

Learning Center
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Ph: (716) 673-3550

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PRI: Tutor's Primary Subject Area and Assigned Table. Main schedule reflects hours only for primary subject areas. Tutoring in the primary subject area at assigned times take precedent over other requests for assistance.

SEC: Tutor's Secondary Subject Area. Tutor may assist in this subject only if not busy tutoring in her/his primary subject area.

Spring 2014

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